What Are Good Cholesterol Foods

To answer the question about good cholesterol foods can only be understood with a more complete analysis of what cholesterol really is.

The truth about cholesterol is shocking! Based on what we were told, cholesterol is evil and something to be limited and controlled as if it, itself were a disease. According to medical doctors, cholesterol
around 200 or higher is bad and should be lowered. What is never explained is that cholesterol is necessary, and our bodies cannot adequately produce amounts to sufficiently supply the body’s daily needs, especially if we are going to be lowering cholesterol with drugs.
I was once told that my cholesterol was 220 and that I should get that checked. Of course I ignored the advice and now some 30 years
later, my belief has been vindicated, thanks to one doctor (Dr. Joel Wallach) who explains cholesterol in a way that anyone could truly understand. I would highly recommend getting familiar with Dr. Wallach, his background, his prospective, and his intentions that anyone who desires health can have it, barring some extreme circumstances.
Dr. Wallach’s story should be front page news, but as you might imagine, there are those who benefit handsomely from you remaining ignorant of certain truths. If you were about to step out into oncoming traffic, wouldn’t you appreciate someone grabbing hold of your hand and preventing you from being injured or killed?
For over 30 years Dr. Wallach has been trying to do just that with no help from mainstream media, most doctors, hospitals, and academia.
He has been a lone soldier until recently.
Most of us have heard that LDL cholesterol is bad and HDL cholesterol is good. That is only part of the story. The real story is cholesterol is cholesterol. What happens is when free radicals damage cholesterol it becomes LDL type cholesterol. That does not however diminish the body’s overall need for cholesterol. Below I will point out just some of the things that depend on an adequate supply of cholesterol.
  • Reproductive System (male and female hormones) requires Cholesterol to function properly, as both progesterone and testosterone require cholesterol.


  • Cholesterol is a steroid and an essential nutrient that your body makes things crucial to body function with.


  • Our joints require cholesterol. All the bones in the body, except for the hyoid bone located in your neck, connect to one another via a joint. While some of these joints pivot, others glide, hinge or rotate, assisting your body with a wide range of


  • Myelin – that all important covering that insulates the nerves in our brain is 90% Cholesterol. assisting your body with a wide range of movement.


  • Cholesterol does not directly cause cardiovascular disease, rather should be considered a clue to other conditions that might account for abnormally high or low cholesterol levels


  • Cholesterol is not genetic While the liver is responsible for making cholesterol, when more is required, it must come from food


  • Cholesterol deficiency for whatever reason gives rise to untold other problems, and using Statin lowering drugs expands on that deficiency.We don’t know all the things that bring about cholesterol deficiency, but we do know that consuming cholesterol (eggs,butter, vegetables, fruits, seeds, green tea, etc.) and protecting your cholesterol with antioxidants is how you mitigate the deficiency and give the body what it needs, so the body won’t have to rob Peter to pay Paul.

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