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First of all I made 71 years of age in 2017 and as far as I know I’m in good health. My last visit to a doctor for a serious health condition was about 40 years ago. The interesting thing was that 40 years ago, I found out what my problem was myself.

Since 1994 while being laid off from my job, I was given the option to continue my medical coverage with something called “COBRA” for the tidy sum of 960.00 per month. After declining, I got interested in  health and wellness. I watched  a lot of videos, attended seminars, and read books on natural healing.

I began to see that standard medicine and chemical medications were not for me. I developed a passion and began writing articles and publishing information on my website. I did it rather privately for friends and relatives and other people I came in contact with.

With all the research I’ve done over the years it’s time to get other interested ones involved

Helping others Is what I want To Do

Over the years I’ve watched many souls leave this earth who probably should still be here. This is disturbing to me at the gut level. Many have been to their doctor only to find out after much expense and debilitating additional health problems still didn’t  have the answer. Some were told that there was no answer.  That might be true in a few cases, but I believe based on my experience, what is most detrimental to most people is their lack of knowledge about their own body and bodily functions.

The truth is , if you knew more you could do more. The most important commodity in this world is knowledge, and so the pursuit of it should be relentless. We have many forces keeping us in the dark for financial results. We see the world through a pin hole and if we could only make the hole larger, we would see more.



My goal is to present information to the public that can stimulate conversation, which may point someone in a direction that they otherwise might not see. Any information of course should not be taken as a recommendation , but as information that can be researched further.

Please leave comments that others can benefit from

Here’s wishing you good health,

Jerald Brown


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