We All Suffer From Malnutrition

Many would take issue with the title of this article, however it has been well established that, not only in my mind, but by virtually everyone not tied to the allopathic medicine. The reason Medical Doctors refuse to acknowledge nutrition’s role in health and healing should be rather obvious. For those who need me to spell it out, here it is: When you use food for health maintenance, selling you drugs is a non starter.

Taking note of the picture on the right, we see a typical American who is obese from his diet (over eating most likely) and an African child on the right who is a victim of not having enough to eat. It clearly demonstrates nutrient deficiency in both cases.

One has to consider the quality of the nutrition that is consumed. Many things we consume really does not qualify as nutrition. So one of the major influences for over eating is constantly responding to your body’s request for nutrition and you trying to fulfill that request with junk food or other nutritionally void food.

Another source of malnutrition is the inability to absorb what you ingest as food. Once the digestive system (small intestine specifically) is damaged, nutrient intake is inhibited, so much so, only 10 to 25 percent of what is taken in goes into the cells. Additionally, leaky gut syndrome may happen releasing undigested food into the blood.

Is it true that Hippocrates said “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Let Medicine Be Thy Food”? Whether he said it or not, history has proven it to be true. Understanding this fundamental truth should affect us all, but most of us for our own particular reasons, ignore the facts and instead invest in the misinformation and disinformation that supports commercial interests and their respective businesses.

So far we’ve been talking about America, but obesity is a worldwide problem that is growing every year. In 2017 around $11 billion was spent on medical expenditures for morbidly obese U.S. adults. That figure does not even include children. As a whole, obesity worldwide is said to be 68% of the earth’s population. There are simply to many chronic diseases to list that might be associated with obesity. This is a good place to mention the fact “all chronic diseases are a result nutrient deficiency” of some kind.

When considering malnutrition we often leave the brain and thinking out of the equation. To be realistic, the brain requires more energy to perform correctly, than any other part of the body. To elevate this to another level, the brain system does not only reside in the head, but throughout the body. So because we are not taught that our  body really comprises a brain system rather than just a brain, we don’t make the necessary connections to understand certain things.

For instance, we typically don’t associate depression with nutrition deficiency, or we don’t associate gut problems with ADD or ADHD or Autism Spectrum Syndrome. Why, because if you learned to fully appreciate the power of  real nutritious food, Then you might pay closer attention to your diet. Then you might treat junk food as the poison it is.

When is the last time a so called “medical professional” bothered to explain to you the benefits of adequate nutrition or the consequences of consuming things that your body does not agree with. I’m not talking about what the eyes can see or what the nose can smell. I’m talking about what the cells demand. Do you really know what nutrition is required  by the body. To cover all bases you need to consume:

  • 60 mineralt
  • 16 vitamins
  • 12 amino acids
  • 3 essential fatty acids

Did you know that when you smell something cooking like bacon, pork chops frying, or whatever food you love, your digestive juices begin to be produced by your salivary glands in anticipation of the ingestion of that food. So to a large degree we’re being led around by our eyes and nose. When what we’ve eaten hits the small intestine is when the real benefit or harm begins. As many of you know, just because it looks and taste good, it does not automatically make it healthy.

It is important to remember that “Eating Can Be Self Defeating” if not careful.


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