The Treatment Degenerative Disc Disease

Ever wonder why there is so much pain and agony related to the skeletal system, specifically bone and joints “The Treatment Degenerative Disc Disease”. That’s right, The treatment. Well let’s go back to what I call The Bait and Switch of Medicine.

Don’t Be Misled

Degenerative diseases don’t just happen. They are the result of internal degradation of cellular integrity that develops over time. The normal function of the human body is to regenerate, not degenerate. We have not been adequately taught the importance of not just food, but also nutrition. For the human body to protect itself
nutrition is critical. One more important note – required nutrition
must be consumed through supplementation.

Cell Regeneration

What is poorly understood is that a continuous cell regeneration cycle is involved here and happens automatically, as a normal
part of living.
As an example we can develop:
  • New skin in 30 days
  • New skeletal system in 90 days
  • New liver in 6 weeks
  • New brain in 1 year
  • New blood in 4 months
  • New DNA in 2 months
  • New stomach lining in 5 days
While these cell regeneration times differ somewhat based on who you talk to, the regeneration process is the main point here.
Old cells die and new ones are born. The quality of cell reproduction depends entirely on proper nutrition (meaning minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and antioxidants), which does not exist in sufficient quantities in today’s food. In fact congress said in 1936 that our soil had become depleted. I like to use the analogy of a copier. Without proper nutrition, the copy can only be”almost, as good as the original”. Over time the nth copy of that original gets old, stained and faded. So the copy….. of a copy….. of a copy begins to show the effects of wear and tear. Can you see the cell degradation
pattern developing? Eventually degenerative disease will occur.
And then we say “Did you hear about Johnny? He had a heart attack, or he has diabetes, or he has cancer”
In order to prevent degenerative disease, the body has to consume a combination of the best nutrition along with adequate supplementation, and something to rid our bodies of heavy metals and other toxins, to provide what the the immune system
requires to maintain good health. So why is this not explained by your medical professionals? If it was, there might be a lot less business for them, but much better health for you.

We Are What We Eat

Well, That’s what I once thought. Actually to be more precise, “We are What We Absorb”. One of the most important discoveries of the 20th century is the rediscovery of real food. Amidst all the convenience and low cost, and fast delivery of food (phude) today, is the reality that we’re getting sicker, not healthier. One solution put forth is vitamins, most of which are synthetic and not even recognized by the body.

Lifestyle Makes The Difference

There are groups on every continent on this planet who routinely live healthy lives beyond 100 years of age. Let me emphasize the word Healthy (They are not carrying around a bag of pills just to
get through the day ). None of these groups require our so called medicine and they certainly don’t follow our diet. The only
difference between them and us is diet and lifestyle. And just for kicks let me throw in Mds and drugs.

Focused On The Wrong Thing

What’s interesting is that we’ve been taught to focus on an ailment i.e. Heart Disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer ect., without ever
realizing that they all have one thing in common. They exist because proper nutrition is missing from your diet. It’s a small idea that
has a big impact on any disease; No one ever told us of the importance of nutrition in a way that we could understand. Well Understand this; ” Just get healthy”.

The Deception of Insurance

As long as we cling to the notion of: ” I’ve got insurance in case I get sick, rest assured, you will get sick “. I hope insurance or the drugs can cure you. What you should know however is that no drug ever cured anyone of any degenerative disease, however drugs have
caused more than a few problems. It ultimately was a person’s own immune system that fixed them.

So there’s your final clue

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