The Chronic Disease Definition

A lot has been seen heard and talked about when it comes to chronic disease. What has not been communicated however, is a chronic disease definition, one that contextualizes the relation between various chronic disease diagnosis.

Everyone is different so it’s impossible to classify all chronic diseases in different individuals as exactly the same. What can be articulated though is what you usually won’t get from medical doctors and that is cause and effect analysis that makes sense.

I believe the reason for this is their learned approach to dealing with  illness. This approach segments the body and it’s physiology into pieces and fails to consider the body as a total related entity. Simply stated everything in the body depends on everything else to function properly. When that doesn’t happen the body as a unit is out of balance. Try driving with just one of your wheels on your vehicle out of balance and you just might get the picture.

Nature is all about balance and when we upset it, bad things happen. What substances do we get from medical doctors that always have the side effect of producing an unbalance in our body? Chemicals and drugs? No sickness we get is not the result of a deficiency of a certain chemical, yet that’s what we get to fix our problem.

The industry loves to say how much longer we live today, but never address the issue of quality of life. We might hang around longer so they can make more money from us but, it’s really sad to see people walking around carrying a bag of pills and we call that living.

When it comes to chronic disease, you need to understand that the body has begun to break down likely because of nutrient deficiency. You might complain about a specific ailment but more ailments are sure to follow if left left nutritionally unattended.

Many times people die of things that are not even seemingly related, but there’s a connection. Nutrients to sustain the body are missing. Your body is smarter than you and will move things around in an attempt to keep you (itself) alive.

In an environment of nutrient deficiency there can be only so much shuffling of compounds from one organ to another before you outwardly sense a problem. When you do, you go to your doctor who gives you a drug for your complaint but does or says nothing about the nutrient deficiency that either contributed to or caused the problem in the first place. Do I have to tell you what will happen next?

Well next comes the chronic conditions that so many suffer. All because they either don’t understand or ignore all the data available today regarding this subject.

One way to look at this is like the octopus in the graphic above with the tentacles. Each tentacle could represent a disease. That’s typical of a chronic situation that manifests itself into multiple diseases. So what you have is many disease conditions stemming from the same problem, nutrient deficiency.


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