Steps To Rid Body Toxins

I believe that everyone knows or should know that toxins are poisons. The point at which they become lethal is a matter of debate. Toxins do however, have the ability to bio-accumulate in tissues of the body. This article will focus on ways to rid body toxins and enhance overall health. For the most part people should understand that while there are toxins in nature, most toxins that afflict humans and animals come from chemicals and chemical processes and are man made.

It would be helpful to understand some detail about toxins. Last time I checked, there were more than 80 thousand toxins in existence. Most of them are derivatives of petroleum (oil) and are said to improve our lives. With all the chronic diseases facing humanity today, one should question the existence of toxins as a direct cause, or at least a contributory factor.

In food alone there are over 14 thousand additives allowed in our food,  many of which don’t even have to be include in food labeling because of loopholes that allow food companies to barely skirt the laws to hide certain ingredients from you, the consumer.

All medicine(drugs) come with toxic effects. They call them side effects. Does anybody test these things or, are we a living clinical trial to see if they work without immediately killing us, because we’re beginning to find out what some of the long term effects are.

Real testing seems to bear itself out on Television viewed in lawsuit commercials. Other than that one has to question the value and validity of FDA approved testing to promote public safety.

And what about this designation of  “GRAS” meaning generally regarded as safe. Is it safe or not? In my estimation there is only one way for dangerous chemically based products to show up on the market is for someone to either rubber stamp approvals, look the other way, or create loopholes while this continues to happen.


Lets talk about the air. If you have not heard about chemtrails you have not been paying attention, and you should look up everyday. Once you see the difference from what the sky used to see. There are those who say the governments of the world are fighting global warming. If you believe that you’re seriously asleep. Tests have proven that toxins are in what is falling from the sky, But lets move on.


Lets talk about fluoride in our tap water. You should become familiar with the story of how fluoride ended up in our water supply. You might someone is mad or maybe trying to drive you mad.


Lets talk about the water. It’s all over the media these days that it is not safe to trust tap water. They’ve admitted that they can’t remove all the chemical contaminants from tap water, not to mention all the drug remnants that they don’t even look for. You might think that drinking bottled water is safer, it seems like it is. But did you know that that industry is self regulated and therefore no real standards. Also your drinking it in plastic bottles which might be leeching PCBs and other toxins into the water.

So what’s left. Distilled water of course. The only drinking water I recommend is distilled water because the steam does not transfer what might be in the water in it’s liquid state once it condenses back into water.


Lets not forget about Fukushima. There was and still is a massive nuclear radiation leak and is still spewing radiation even though the media is not reporting it.


So we can conclude that it’s impossible to avoid all toxins but we have to avoid the ones we can. The other thing we can do is use known natural substances to mitigate as much exposure as possible.



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