How Accurate Is The Food Calorie Calculator

The idea of the food calorie calculator came into prominence as the weight loss craze spiked. Everyone’s physiology is different so the notion that calculating calories based on a few variables specific to an individual, and not being able to take into account what’s really going on inside that individual is ludacris at best.

Everything you hear about concerning weight loss is negative calorie food. What is it? According to WIKIpedia it is:

“Foods that are claimed to be negative in calories are mostly low-calorie fruits and vegetables such as celery, grapefruit, lemon, lime, apple, lettuce, broccoli, and cabbage. There is no scientific evidence to show that any of these foods have a negative calorific impact.”

So much for that argument. I want to talk about in a more specific way and try to inform you of what has happened to food.

What can I say about food, that your sense of sight,
smell, and taste don’t already know? Actually, there’s
plenty. Food has undergone some drastic changes in
the last 60 or so years including the disappearance of nutrition. There are many reasons to be concerned starting with the growing of the food, to the processing of the
food, to the importing of food from places that don’t subscribe to our standards.
GMO crops, pesticides, herbicides, flavor enhancers (MSG), preservatives, food coloring, growth hormones in cattle and poultry,
all cast doubt on food safety.
Today’s food is so nutrient depleted that supplements are no longer just an option, but a necessity. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is no longer possible with just “so called healthy food” alone.
So we know how to satisfy our desire for food, but how do we satisfy our inner self, our cells. After all they do the real work of creating energy, keeping our immune system up to par, and hopefully slowing down our aging process. Understanding that satisfying our pallet is just part of what has to happen.
Mother and daughter shopping for groceries in supermarket

We need sufficient nutrients and proper absorption to ensure that our cells are satisfied. That is really where food falls short today.

Many people are struggling financially today which makes those
cheap foods very appealing. But really, are these foods healthy?
I think not, for they are laced with chemicals, sugars, salt, preservatives and flavor enhancers, that are good for shelf life , but not so much, for your life (that’s my opinion anyway)

As you scour your grocer’s aisles looking for nutritious products, you need a Time Machine because Nutritious Foods time has passed. There is no more food, it’s phude now! Let’s take sugar for example. We’ve all been addicted practically from birth. Many of us love sweets. They make our hearts glad. The truth is, sugar is one of the most toxic substances there is.

You may ask why; there are three main reasons:
  •  The amount we knowingly consume and
  •  The amount we consume that we’re not as aware of. Sugar is  in most processed foods and is there to enhance taste.
  •  Sugar actually changes the biochemistry in the  body and creates cravings. It’s been said to have the same endorphin affect as cocaine on the brain.
So the next time you need another coffee, ask yourself, is it the caffeine or the sugar you’re after. The answer can be quite revealing. So let’s not even talk about the so called artificial sweeteners , for they are much worse, if you can imagine such. Now you could be flirting with liver or kidney damage, or worse, cancer. The human body is incompatible with toxins. That is why toxins should be avoided and expelled from the body as soon as possible, even the
toxins our own bodies create.
And what about the brain? The person inside speaks loudly about our ability to think, reason, make decisions and our auto-controlled functions. We discussed previously how sugar has a cocaine like
effect on the brain, though most of us wouldn’t consider using cocaine. There is a lining that surrounds the brain called the
“blood brain barrier”. In most cases it does a marvelous job of protecting the brain from pathogenic invaders.
Certain toxins have the ability to breach the brain’s defenses rendering us vulnerable to bacteria and other bad actors. So you could rationalize how something devastating like Alzheimer’s or Brain Cancer can occur. About fried foods, Many people, including myself love fried foods. We’ve been told for years that fried foods
are not good for us.
Have you ever wondered why? Let me give you a hidden reason that you might not have heard. The cooking oil. If you read the article attached to the link, the first thing that stands out is the shelf life derived from the process. Next the processing temperature is high enough to kill any nutrients in the oil. Finally, the solvents, deodorants, and other chemicals used makes me very uncomfortable. Where are the health benefits?
Organic fruits and vegetables are expensive so a growing number
health conscious individuals and groups across the country are
deciding to grow their own fruits and vegetables to avoid the chemicals present in food from the grocery market.

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