Headaches Hunger and Upset Stomach

I remember a time when headaches were a frequent occurrance. My response was to take some “Goodies”, (a popular headache powder) and the headache would subside. I dealt with headaches like this for a number of years. Finally it occurred to me that much of the headaches seemed to be linked to hunger, at least what I perceived as hunger. You may be able to relate to this.

Today I very rarely get a headache and when I do I know where to look for the problem. My previous belief that hunger was the problem was totally inaccurate. When I really started to pay attention to my body, I realized that I didn’t need Input (Food), I really needed Output (Bowel Movement).

It is vitally important to keep that pathway open and clear so that a backup does not occur. At 98.6 degrees a real problem could be brewing.

That realization put me on a whole new path to understanding my digestive system and how it works. As I often say, our inner body systems are much smarter than our brain. In fact, our brain system includes all the intelligence within our body. So paying attention and getting in touch with our inner self is crucial to understanding our own bodies, establishing health, and maintaining it.

I also learned that some of the foods that used to give me acid reflux no longer have that effect on me. So for instance, every time I ate tomatoes or something with red gravy(tomato based), I would get a serious case of acid reflux or heartburn. I later figured out that my gut was trying to tell me something, that all the Malox and Pepsid in the world could not fix. At best they just offer temporary relief, until the next episode. As with all temporary reliefs, there’s always a next episode.

I’m happy to say today that I can eat all the tomatoes I want with no effects. The key thing I discovered was that the food I consumed stayed in me too long, and my system was revolting. The problem is that the brain in our head does not pay enough attention to the brain in our gut.

That lost of synchronicity between the various systems of the body causes all manner of diseases, and we don’t make the connection. There is intelligence in process throughout the body and not just in the brain..

We have to be very aware of the nature of the food we choose to eat. A famous question is “Do you live to eat, or do you eat to live”. That poses questions as to what is more important, your taste buds or a healthier life.

Let’s face it, processed food is definitely not nourishing, because processing takes out all the nourishment in favor of shelf life, and leaves empty calories,  preservatives, fillers, food coloring, starches, and sugars. Processed food is more about marketing than nourishment.

I had another incident involving my stomach. I really enjoyed drinking beer over the years, but all of a sudden one night I drank a beer and became very ill. That was the last beer I will ever drink. What I later learned was that beer contains grains which in turn contains Gluten.

So I discovered that I had a Gluten Intolerance. Now many people are having Gluten Intolerance, so much so that many products now claim to be gluten free. The number one cause of Leaky Gut Syndrome is Gluten and it’s co-conspirators.

Actually, whether or not you sense a gluten intolerance, you could be experiencing low level, seemingly unrelated problems associated with gluten. Test it out for yourself. don’t consume gluten for two weeks , then asses how you feel. Be careful though because like sugar, gluten is everywhere.

The final thing we routinely ingest is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). This is another substance that should be kept out of the diet. A big problem is that it goes by so many names you need to bring along an “MSG dictionary of names” when shopping.

I call them (Gluten, Sugar, MSG) the three musketeers of gut problems that lead to a whole plethora of problems diagnosed and undiagnosed.

For many, this information necessitates a lifestyle change of sorts, but the key word here is life.


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