Do You Buy Gluten Free Bread

If you’ve decided that gluten free bread is a healthier alternative to whole wheat or white bread, that was a good decision. It would be great if bread was the only problem.

Until recently, I thought gluten was synonymous with Celiac Disease and that was pretty much the extent of it. “New Ground Breaking Researchnow indicates that there is a gluten continuum. That may lead to Celiac Disease or may not. Along this continuum are stages of gluten spawned conditions that affect a wide variety of conditions that we may not be aware of.

The new kid on the gluten block is gluten intolerance. More and more conditions in the body are attributed, at least in part to gluten

In fact, every degenerative and autoimmune diseased condition you could think of could be related in some way to gluten.

So how did gluten, all of a sudden become so impactful in our lives today? Look no further than how wheat and other grains have been genetically  manipulated to produce a higher yield.

That is good for the giant agriculture business but bad for you. If you think you’ve seen this movie before, You have, with meat, poultry and many other things.

Lets look at some of the symptoms associated with gluten intolerance:

  • Bloating – Bloating is one of the most common and bothersome symptoms complained by a large proportion of patients. Discomfort in the abdomen or gastrointestinal disorders have been linked to gluten intolerance.
  • Diarrhea and Constipation – also happen to be a common symptom of gluten intolerance. Inflammation in the gut leads to damage of the gut lining and a condition called “Leakey Gut Syndrome.
  • Headaches – Studies show that gluten-intolerant individuals may be more prone to migraines than others. I have personally discovered that what seems like hunger pains are actually a signal from your gut that something in there needs to be expelled.

  • Low Energy – People who are gluten-intolerant are very susceptible to fatigue and tiredness, particularly after eating foods that contain gluten
  • Skin Problems – Gluten intolerance in some cases is a contributory factor in skin conditions like also suffer with skin issues like Psoriasis, Alopecia, Chronic urticaria

The above list is by no means exuastive but makes the point that gluten consumption for a large part of the population  can be problematic and affect areas of the body that you could not imagine.

Test Yourself – If you suspect that gluten might be a problem for you in some way, why not remove gluten from your diet for just 30 days and see if there is a difference.

Hopefully the video presented here will help in your understanding of the gluten threat.

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