Dioxin Exposure Health Effects

What is dioxin and what are dioxin Exposure Health Effects. Dioxin is a highly toxic compound produced as a byproduct in some manufacturing processes, notably herbicide production and paper bleaching. It is a serious and persistent environmental pollutant. Also Included is any of the class of compounds to which dioxin belongs.

According to “Medical News Today” Dioxins are known as persistent environmental pollutants (POPs), dioxins can remain in the environment for many years. They are everywhere around us. Some countries are trying to reduce the production of dioxins in industry. In the United States (U.S.)…

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences – NIH – Dioxins are mainly byproducts of industrial practices. They are produced through a variety of incineration processes, including improper municipal waste incineration and burning of trash, and can be released into the air during natural processes, such as forest fires and volcanoes. Almost every living creature has been exposed to dioxins or dioxin-like compounds (DLCs).

I believe the point is sufficiently made that dioxins are bad news but are everywhere. We inhale them, we ingest them and we encounter them in many products we use on a daily basis. There are certain places however that shock those of us who know how dangerous they are.

We all have mothers, daughters, nieces and the like and are shocked at where they show up in females, In sanitary napkins. I can’t help but believe that if it were up to women, that would not be the case.

Agencies like the FDA and other alphabet agencies claim that exposure is only minescule and the levels are not harmful. But what they don’t tell you is that these chemicals are accumulative and can remain in the body up to 20 years.

In fact Representative Carolyn Maloney of the 14th District of New York introduced the Tampon Safety and Research Act of 1999 (HR 890) She  noted that “dioxin is a byproduct of chlorine-beaching processes used in the manufacture of paper products, including tampons, sanitary pads, panty liners and diapers.” Unfortunately the bill died in committee.

The World Health Organization has a list of a dozen (the dirty dozed” which is a group of dangerous chemicals known as persistent organic pollutants.”

The Environmental Protection Agency has studied dioxin, however, and indicated that the largest problem with dioxin is from food. I guess that’s a good thing (LOL)

I find it interesting how the different agencies in an attempt to downplay the dangers, have a different slant on dioxin. Nothing they can say diminishes the dangers.

Now when it comes to safer alternatives for women, there is good news. There is a family of sanitary napkin products that takes into account the apparent oversight of other products and contains no plastic or paper which is the source of dangerous dioxin.

In fact women report superior performance compared to regular napkin products.  check out this video and see what they are saying.

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