Control Of The Human Brain And Anatomy

Are there really forces attempting to take control of the human brain and anatomy? Most people would say an emphatic no. In fact, people in general believe that they are in complete control of their mental faculties and what the believe is absolutely true. I’m here to mount a challenge to that assumption.

Do we think what we think because we know for a fact that it is what we think or, were we given what we think to influence our behavior and follow a certain course? We’re encouraged to follow our heart, even if it leads down the yellow brick road. We also say of someone who meets with a fatality while participating in an activity that most of us would acknowledge as risky, we say that person died doing what they loved. If given a second opportunity, I wonder if that person would repeat what caused the demise in the first place.

Does propaganda play a role? Here is the guy given the credit for starting it:

Edward Louis Bernays was an American of Austrian decent, He was a pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda. Bernays was born in 1891 and was reported to have died in 1995. In his obituary Bernays was referred to as “the father of public relations“.

Life magazine named Bernays one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century. Larry Tye in his book “The Father of Spin (1999)” Chronicled a full length biography.

Adam Curtis produced for the BBC an award winning documentary in 2002 called “The Century of the Self”. It is also interesting to note that Bernays is the nephew of Sigmund Freud.

Sigmund Freud was considered one of the the fathers of of psychology. His exploration of the human mind was said to be more through and extensive than anyone who proceeded him. He was deemed the most influential psychologist of the day. What he left is still the foundation of modern psychology.

The question is, do we really appreciate the extent to which we are influenced by propaganda? I would suggest that we should dig deeper. Ever wonder who sets up these false choices and who frames the debates that we have with ourselves and others? The fact is most of us never even think about it, and that’s because we are influenced not to think. So whose really controlling our thinking at a subliminal and undetectable level? So why have an original thought when we are given the thoughts of someone else. One that’s not really our own.

Types Of Propaganda Used To Influence

  • Bandwagon – I might as well do it. Everyone else is..
  • Testimonial – All these people say it’s good, it must be.
  • Glittering Generalities.- There’s a lot of good stuff associated with this product or service
  • Name Calling.- So and So said it is good and I trust him
  • Plain Folks – This is just an honest story by a plain spoken person.
  • Card Stacking.- The number of benefits are phenomenal, I must have this
  • Transfer – My parents always used this brand. I will do the same

If you don’t recognize these techniques you should perhaps pay closer attention to what you see and hear. Remember it’s all designed to convince you of something. Even if it does not have an immediate effect, it enters your subconscious and lays dormant, waiting to be reinforced until finally you think you came up with it of your own originality. So it becomes your fact, you own it.

Methods of spreading propaganda

Advertising – See Above “Types Of Propaganda Used To Influence”

TV programming – See Above “Types Of Propaganda Used To Influence”

Media – News and events that are told one sided to elicit a particular point of view

Education – Very little of history is actually true but told from a particular prospective

Religion – Probably the one that confounds the most because it requires belief and trust

Staged events – Many events portrayed one way actually happened differently or never happened at all.

The battle for your mind has been going on for a long time but you didn’t know it. A good example of you being alerted through a cartoon was the series Pinky and The Brain in the 1990s.




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