We All Suffer From Malnutrition

Many would take issue with the title of this article, however it has been well established that, not only in my mind, but by virtually everyone not tied to the allopathic medicine. The reason Medical Doctors refuse to acknowledge nutrition’s role in health and healing should be rather obvious. For those who need me to

Is Sugar A Drug

This question as to whether sugar is a drug might sound ridiculous at first but upon further scrutiny you might arrive at a different conclusion. Let’s first consider the amount of sugar consumed per year for the average American. In fact let’s compare the amount of sugar intake compared to other western countries. Atop the

Nascent Iodine Benefits

Iodine, a trace mineral that has tremendous benefit and efficacy in preserving and sustaining health. While the required amount of most minerals is specified in milligrams, iodine requirements are specified in micrograms. But that small amount means so much to the body and without sufficient daily amounts of iodine, things don’t go well. I want

Steps To Rid Body Toxins

I believe that everyone knows or should know that toxins are poisons. The point at which they become lethal is a matter of debate. Toxins do however, have the ability to bio-accumulate in tissues of the body. This article will focus on ways to rid body toxins and enhance overall health. For the most part

Natural Home Remedies Toolbox

Anyone who subscribes to the notion of self defending one’s own health should know about the natural home remedies toolbox. When we come down with an illness we need help to improve our health and try to get back to normal. For those who want to look at some potential remedies to take care of

Do Antibiotics Do Harm To The Gut

Do antibiotics do harm to the gut is a complex question. The mission of antibiotics has the intention to heal. It is very important to understand what antibiotics are, how they work and how they affect the gut. What are Antibiotics -According to WebMD  “Antibiotics are medicines that help stop infections caused by bacteria. They