Headaches Hunger and Upset Stomach

I remember a time when headaches were a frequent occurrance. My response was to take some “Goodies”, (a popular headache powder) and the headache would subside. I dealt with headaches like this for a number of years. Finally it occurred to me that much of the headaches seemed to be linked to hunger, at least

Good Bad Foods List According To Tesla

This good bad food list goes back thousands of years at least, with cultural modifications along the way. Modern day man has never faced such peril as he sees today, and food plays a major part. I would like to pay homage to who I think is the smartest man that ever lived in this

Can You List Chronic Diseases That Boron Can Impact

Did You say Boron? Yes I said Boron. When you list chronic diseases you usually don’t think of boron. First let’s talk about what boron is. Boron is a chemical element on the period table of elements designated with the symbol B and Atomic number 5. Boron naturally occurring In nature When combined with oxygen

Monosodium Glutamate Side Effects

I certainly do not think that Monosodium Glutamate Side Effects is an accurate depiction of what  msg  does, in fact, I would say, rather than side effects, the effects are hidden short term and longer term  effects.that are often not even considered when and where it’s effects factors into disease. History of MSG Monosodium Glutamate

Home Remedy for Heartburn and Indigestion

Many have come to the conclusion that avoidance of the medical system for problems that can be otherwise dealt with using natural remedies that are from the earth, which is where we are said to come from. So a home remedy for heartburn and indigestion is just another set of gifts given to us from

Where Should Your Cholesterol Numbers Be

That is a question that merits much analysis. It is important to understand what cholesterol is, where it comes from, and if cholesterol is the villian it’s made out to be. We have to discover all of that before we answer the question “Where Should Your Cholesterol Numbers Be” or should we even be concerned

How Accurate Is The Food Calorie Calculator

The idea of the food calorie calculator came into prominence as the weight loss craze spiked. Everyone’s physiology is different so the notion that calculating calories based on a few variables specific to an individual, and not being able to take into account what’s really going on inside that individual is ludacris at best. Everything