Your Body Has A Drugstore

Who would have thought that the human body has it’s own drug store. Unlike the drugs you get from a pharmacy, your body’s drugstore is constantly making adjustments that hopefully precludes you having to visit a real pharmacy. Lets expand on that pharmacy scenario to draw some parallels between the body’s pharmacy and an actual

Is Sugar A Drug

This question as to whether sugar is a drug might sound ridiculous at first but upon further scrutiny you might arrive at a different conclusion. Let’s first consider the amount of sugar consumed per year for the average American. In fact let’s compare the amount of sugar intake compared to other western countries. Atop the

The Endocannabinoid System Discovery

The endocannabinoid system discovery began to emerge in 1992. It was found by Raphael Mechoulam as well as NIMH researchers William Devane and Dr. Lumir Hanus. It didn’t just appear, rather it was always there, so in that vane it was science catching up with real life. It probably started out as a theory and

The Chronic Disease Definition

A lot has been seen heard and talked about when it comes to chronic disease. What has not been communicated however, is a chronic disease definition, one that contextualizes the relation between various chronic disease diagnosis. Everyone is different so it’s impossible to classify all chronic diseases in different individuals as exactly the same. What

Steps To Rid Body Toxins

I believe that everyone knows or should know that toxins are poisons. The point at which they become lethal is a matter of debate. Toxins do however, have the ability to bio-accumulate in tissues of the body. This article will focus on ways to rid body toxins and enhance overall health. For the most part

Natural Home Remedies Toolbox

Anyone who subscribes to the notion of self defending one’s own health should know about the natural home remedies toolbox. When we come down with an illness we need help to improve our health and try to get back to normal. For those who want to look at some potential remedies to take care of

10 Bad Foods List

The greatest dis-service we do to our health is not being more diligent about what we eat. Much of our eating habits are developed in childhood and typically last a lifetime. When we’re confronted with a weight or health issue, we are forced to determine what foods should be on our bad foods list. In

Do You Buy Gluten Free Bread

If you’ve decided that gluten free bread is a healthier alternative to whole wheat or white bread, that was a good decision. It would be great if bread was the only problem. Until recently, I thought gluten was synonymous with Celiac Disease and that was pretty much the extent of it. “New Ground Breaking Research”