Everyone who recovers from a condition usually attributes it to something. whether they think it was just their body recovering, something they took, some protocol they followed, or a
combination of the three. At the same time there may be persons
struggling with what they perceive as a similar issue. Some
issues are pretty well defined, for example:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Fibro-Myalgia
  • Indigestion

We could list many more. But the point is when you’re there,
you’re there, and you would like to know what might possibly help.
That is the reason for this website. Not to diagnose, treat, or cure
any disease (see Disclaimer), but to engage in information sharing
that might help someone else. Use of information found here is purely
at the discretion of the reader, however it could be helpful.

This website will also suggest some other sources of information
that I have found over the years to be credible. The reason that is
important is because of the sheer amount of information that can be
found online. I’ve spoken to people who tell me that the reason they
don’t do research online is because they get overwhelmed, confused and don’t know who or what to believe.

This website focuses on natural healing that avoids drugs because
they are chemicals and come with sometimes severe side effects. Some of these effects happen relatively quickly and some happen over time. This type of effect can blur your view about what may be causing your current condition.

On a personal note I don’t take drugs of any kind (not even an
aspirin), and I certainly caution taking drugs along with something
natural for relief. So if you can’t avoid taking drugs, I doubt if
anything here will help. We’re talking about two different methods of
dealing with a health challenge. Chances are, if you’re already
taking drugs and they are not helping, the clue is right in front of

Finally, I will make you aware of some natural products that you
might want to take a look at. Some from Great Grand Ma before these chemicals arrived on the scene.

The Body System

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Most people witness that with a scratch or minor cut. It becomes harder to rationalize however when it comes to more serious ailments. It’s prime directive is to make modifications to the internal environment and continue to function. It will simply rob Peter to pay Paul to keep you alive. Our main obligation is to give it what it needs and it will do the rest. It’s a rather simple concept, I’m shocked that more people don’t get it.

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  1. You are a prolific writer that makes the point very good about the subject you talk about. (that is not a clear sentence) The point is that you give us everything we need to know.
    Your videos are effective; I want to try the borax. You get a lot from watching the videos and that is a strong feature. On the Post about sugar. I read a book a long time ago called, “Sugar Blues”. It was the best history of sugar. It had recipes for diabetics. They recommended this in preference to insulin. That was in the 1970’s. I believe this Website will be remembered that long too.

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